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Dan Gutman

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Attention Grades 3-5! Dan Gutman will visit the LMC on Wednesday, January 26th. He is best known for the My Weird School series and the Baseball Card Adventures.  His new book, The Genuis Files: Mission Impossible, comes out on January 25th. It is an action-packed adventure that follows Coke and Pepsi McDonald. Here's the book trailer: 


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Dan Gutman will share how a book is created, discuss his new book, answer questions, and SIGN BOOKS.  You can order Dan's new book from Anderson's Bookshop (the best place in the world).  Click here to download an order form. 

Five Fast Facts about Dan Gutman


1. He grew up in New Jersey. 


2. He graduated from Rutger's University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 


3. He started a magazine called Video Games Player


4. He is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research.  


5. He has published 92 books. Click here for a complete list and a short description of each one. 


Links and Videos to Explore 


Meet the characters of My Weird School. 


Read about Dan's newest series. 


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Dan discusses the Baseball Card Adventures. 


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Dan discusses the My Weird School series. 


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Dan shares writing advice. 


What should you do to prepare for Dan's visit? 


Please read at least one of Dan's books before his visit. You will not be able to read The Genius Files, because it is released the day before his visit. The Library Media Center owns many of Dan's books. Click here for a list. 



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